Ninja Legend: A New Age

21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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The Year: 2025

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Storm Valley
Kage: Rokugen
Assistant: (Open)
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 3

Magma Valley
Kage: Kira
Assistant: Saitou
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 5

Stealth Valley
Kage: Kurome
Assistant: Aphrodisia
ANBU Captain:
Member Count: 3

Death Valley
Kage: Kymir
Assistant: (Open)
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 3

Crescent Valley
Kage: Goshen Shizaku
Assistant: (Open)
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 1

Snow Valley
Kage: Kazuma
Assistant: Daemon Ame
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 5

Shattered Blades
Captain: Xaverie
Lieutenant: Chu Lain
Member Count: 4

Member Count: 1

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 saruka keda

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PostSubject: saruka keda   Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:24 pm

name: saruka keda
age: 33
gender: male
rank: kage (of the death village)
apperance: hair: look at my picyure
blood type: a+
height: 6'7"
Personality: loves to train, when hes not training he is doing missions, eating or sleeping, or hanging out with his friends, especially his best friend lex deoxel
home village: hidden mist village


ghost body flicker jutsu
turns the users body intangible until the opponent hits
so the user takes no damage and the enmy that touches the user is hurt badly. and lets the user posses dead bodies
rank: x+
damage: 250

ghost ball jutsu
creats a ball of pur black chakra with the black chakra around his hands than shoots it at the enemy
rank: x
damage: 250

ghost kunai
a kunai embedded with the black chakra around sarukas hands then that kunai is like a ghost goes at a speed faster than 1000 mph and whenever it passes through a solid object it gains 10 damage cannot be stuck in objects other than humans (also goes through dead humans)
rank: x
damage: 200

Puppet Play Dark Secret Machine Skill First Strike
A skill utilizing two puppets, the Crow and the Black Ant (Kuroari). The Crow is used to corner an opponent into the belly of the Black Ant. The user than disassembles the Crow's weapon appendages with strings of chakra and directs them into openings within the Black Ant's body. The opponent is impaled while trapped inside the Black Ant.
rank: x
damage: 300

Puppet Skill
Ability where the user controls a puppet with strings of chakra. The puppet is capable of attacking an opponent with any weapons hidden inside of it. This technique is effective from long distances since the chakra strings can extend; they are also invisible, so the puppet can be used from a hidden location.
rank: a

water clone jutsu
creates clones if water when hit they turn back into water
rank: c

water style grand waterfall jutsu
does more damage if near a large body of water
rank: b+
damage: 150 (if near large body of water 200)

demon summon
summons a demon from the demon plain
rank: x

fusion jutsu
used after demon summon jutsu the user fuses with the demon that the user summoned from the demon plain
rank: x

Water Element Water Formation Wall
A defensive technique which creates a 360 water barrier surrounding the user.
rank: c

Water Element water shark blast jutsu
a jutsu which makes a shark from the water and makes it attack
rank: b
damage: 120

Water Instantaneous Body Skill
A technique which allows the user to transport from one place to another through water
rank: c

forbidden sacred jutsu: quick assasianation
pauses time outside of the user which to the user feels
like 1 minute where outside it is actually 1 hour there is no jutsu to cancel this jutsu that is why it is forbidden saruka only uses it against great threats
rank: forbidden
damage: infinity
ninjutsu-taijutsu-gains power from all atributes

kekeai genkai: black flame chakra
certain people in the keda clan have black flame like chakra surrounding their hands at all tmes they are able to turn that chakra into anything people in this clan are blessed with high chakra levels.


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saruka keda

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