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21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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 Allie of her clan

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PostSubject: Allie of her clan   Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:33 pm

Allie stood in the grass staring at the snow tigers. i have to do this or i wont make it she thought as she slowly walked to the tigers.The leader didn't even look at her as she moved closer. Soon the leader got up and gave commands to all the others. the smallest tiger sat there as the others got up. The tiger started off walking at first. Soon they went to a trot, then they ran. Allie watched them till they disappeared. she sighed ill never live if i don't learn the movements and ways of them she thought as she walked back to her house she built out of sod never... Allie put on her sleeping skins and was awoken by a loud growl...

CHAPTER TWO: her story and a suprize
Allie quickly but quitly went to the door to see what was happening, a little cub was growling and scratching at the door.Another cub came over and did the same almost trying to scare her away. the babysiter ran over and picked up each cub one at a time and broght them back to the den.Allie walked out the house and walked over to the den, the babysiter growled and Allie quickly lied down. The tiger relaxed and licked the cubs. one cub ran over to Allie and pushed her over.Allie fell with a small thump and the cub ran back to the den..Julie was her for a few reasons. love and hope problems. snow began to fall as Allie slowly crawled back to her house, as she did the tigers came back with a snowshoe hare and gave it to the babysiter. The leader walked over to Allie and sat there looking into her eyes. She was silver-wight and had glowing blue eyes. "ill name you silver, the leader" the tigeer ran back to the den and roared as the full moon shone down. Allie fell asleep to thesong they roared.

CHAPTER 3: moving away but closer at the same time
Allie woke at midnight and began to pack.getting behind the den might help them she I'm harmlessshe thought as she finished packing. She hunted for a while then with 3 snowshoe hairs she built a small house to sleep in for the night "now to gain their trust" she said when she was done unpacking.She slowly walked to the den and dropped to all fours. she then trotted into the den but stopped at the opening.there was silver and 10 other wolves-5 cubs 2 females and 3 males- she walked to crawled to them as the leader growled a "do not go any further" call. Allie stopped and stood there staring at the large leader. she looked at the others and decided to name them all.The cubs would be first. There where 3 female cubs and 2 male cubs. 4 eight cubs 1 silver-white.the females where named first.the silver-white one was named... Silver Baby Allie, the smallest female was... small roar Julie,the last female cub was... Sweet Fur Amy. Now the male cubs.the biggest cub was... Small Hunter Kupa, the other one was... Friendly the adults. of course there was would be the darker male... Julian, the lighter male... Timmy, and the light light male... Tomas. The females where silver of course, a smaller wight one... Megan, the last one... Emily. This would be Allie's pack. Finally it was so late Allie fell asleep on the ground. The tigers let her sleep as the slept also waiting for noon when they would get up.Allie awoke to see her pack asleep "did i just sleep her" she said as she looked around."ill just stay for a wile longer" she said going back to sleep.

CHAPTER 4 :the disappearance
Allie woke up at noon as she looked around she herd a growl and a tiger yelping.She ran out the den and fell to all fours."Silver" she called as the large leader walked over to her with a worried look.She motioned for Allie to follow.she trusts me!she thought as she followed Silver. Soon they came to a stop to find several rope traps on the ground and the cubs all trapped there.Allie pulled out her mans knife and began cutting the rope.3 cubs were there.her silver and the cubs ran further into the forest to find Jello in a metallic trap."Jello" Allie said as she tried the release the trap-it wouldn't budge. "oh no"Allie said as a man on a sled pulled by dogs came by.Jello whimpered and the other tigers ran off."what do we have here" the man said as he walked over"i caught myself a snow tiger. move aside" Allie didn't move"no" she said as she tried to release the trap."move" he said again pushing Allie aside. Allie got up in anger and pushed the man "stay away from Jello" she yelled as he said "fine ill release the trap, but if i find him here again I'm keeping him" and with that he released the trap and Jello ran off whimpering with fear"thank alot"Allie said with sarcastic tone. the man just rolled his eyes as Allie ran off also.she met back up with the other tigers and she noticed all where there but two-1 cub one adult.wheres the silver pupshe thought running to a sound that was like a trap just snapping shut.she found the silver cub and the light light white adult lying in the snow with blood around the foot area."oh no" she said as she put the cub in her pack.she ran back to the pack ,put the cub down and gave a small whimper of sadness as the others joined in- the song off a loss.A boy nearby who herd this said to his mom "listen to the pretty tigers" he cried happily not knowing what this meant "yes " the mom said holding the child "the tigers are happy" she neither knew what the song meant

tell me any ideas for the next chaps thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Allie of her clan   Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:10 pm

CHAPTER 5: a small boy and snowy
Allie walked to her house and noticed a small-relly small-tiger siting there.A boy also was there and was looking for something."who are you?" Allie asked as she walked closer to her house "my name is Alex" he said very shyly "what are you doing here?"She asked sortof unhappily "im lost" he replied.Silver gotup and walked to them, seeing the cub she walked over and picked it up."NO" the boy screamed grabing the cub back "stop" Allie said grabing the boy "its hers" the ay shed a small tear and said "but i wanted her" "you can name her" allie said softly. the boy lit up "Snowy!" he said quickly "ok" allie said "she will now be snowy" Allie helped Alex find his way back to his village and when he turned back to thank her, she was gone.Allie crossed the river whith was soon to broke under her feet and she fell in. she let out a scream "HELP ME!!!!" she screamedwith all her might. Silver ran to her,helped Allie out and ran back home.Allie followed.

srry i dont use spell check and her thoghts wont be in italics, so srry XD
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PostSubject: Re: Allie of her clan   Sat Mar 21, 2009 1:04 pm

ok i need ideas anybody have some im open for thum
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PostSubject: Re: Allie of her clan   

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Allie of her clan

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