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21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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 Warriors: The Story Of Allie

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PostSubject: Warriors: The Story Of Allie   Sat Apr 04, 2009 11:19 pm

"get inside children" Mom said "its beginning to rain"
its not like i didn't want to, its just i didn't want to leave where i was.
Me and Abby just stood there looking at swampy prairie.
"Allie, Abby get over here now!" mom screamed
"why should we" me and Abby said at the same time
"for the love of starclan, just get over here before it starts to storm!"
"fine" we said as we both got up and walked to mom.
"Allie, Abby, don't mess with tabby, OK?"dad said
moms name was tabby dads was Rusty.
when we got under the canape it started to thunderstorm
"i bet thunderclan likes this" i whispered to Abby
"yes they must but shadowclan must also like it to"
OK i have to admit, i didn't know the clans well but still i thought this, and so did my twin kit Abby.

chapter 1
i walked into the marsh and abby was close behind"do we have to leave them" she asked looking back
"of corse now dont look back"i mewed pushing abby into the mud "you arent suposed to."
soon we came upon an area where a few cats were,i crouted down, abby did also
"dont make a sound"i hissed at abby "or they will find us"
"what are you two doing" an unfarimiar voice siad.i could tell it was a she-cat, mabye even a queen
"i said, what are you doing here" she meowed again
"im sorry" abby said "we were just abou-"i cut off her word"about to talk talk to a warrior and learn the ways
"never are you getting near my warriors"she hissed "get away"
than everything went black and i, nor abby, where there anymore.

Chapter 2
Abby jumped on me nearly knocking the breath out of me" wake up sleepy head!" Abby yelled at me
"get of of me" i meowed pushing her off "was it all just a dream" i thought as i rose
"mom wants us at the deck by sunrise" one of my siblings mewed
"why" another purred
"she never said why" the first one mewed
"arg" i said as i walked away "why does one bad day lead to another" i mumbled to myself
"hey Allie stop being so... so... well i don't know... mad"
"hey I'm not trying to be mad, idiot"
"no need to talk like that"
"get away"
i jumped up to the table and looked at the gross dry food pellets "gross, i suddenly feel not hungry"i hissed
"me either" Abby copied
mom walked into the room with dad "i thought i told you to meet me by the porch" mom meowed
"whatever" i growled
mom shook her head "maybe i should have let shadowclan take you" mom said to herself
"great idea" i thought to myself "ill run away!"

THATS ALL I HAVE SO FAR ENJOY! and ideas or coment fill free to post
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Warriors: The Story Of Allie

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