Ninja Legend: A New Age

21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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The Year: 2025

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Storm Valley
Kage: Rokugen
Assistant: (Open)
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 3

Magma Valley
Kage: Kira
Assistant: Saitou
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 5

Stealth Valley
Kage: Kurome
Assistant: Aphrodisia
ANBU Captain:
Member Count: 3

Death Valley
Kage: Kymir
Assistant: (Open)
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 3

Crescent Valley
Kage: Goshen Shizaku
Assistant: (Open)
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 1

Snow Valley
Kage: Kazuma
Assistant: Daemon Ame
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 5

Shattered Blades
Captain: Xaverie
Lieutenant: Chu Lain
Member Count: 4

Member Count: 1

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 Ryuki's profile

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PostSubject: Ryuki's profile   Thu May 07, 2009 6:51 pm

Name: Ryuki Tiashi
Nicknames: none

Village: Valley of Snow
Rank: Jonin/ Snow Valley Assistant

Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140lbs
(lol, i photoshopped this, like it?)

Gender: Male

Clan: Tiashi branch of the Kyaru clan

Family History: His main clan is branched off into separate smaller clans, each which specialize in a different type of jutsu. The Tiashi clan is known for their ice and snow jutsu. Some members have been known to be able to perform summons. His family has a genet named Korara that is passed onto the youngest of each generation (if you don't know what a genet is, it's a member of the feline family that has a tail as long as it's body and it has a striped tail and a spotted body).

Character History: When he was 14, his parents died after going on a mission. A couple of other ninja helped him with his little sister, Kaylee, and his little brother, Kinto. But after a while, people stopped offering help and Ryuki was left to raise them by himself.

Personality: Ryuki is a kind guy, who had to mature a little too early. He still acts a little immature in certain situations, but he's a cool guy. He works as an assistant to the Snow Kage in the hopes of becoming the Kage of the Snow himself one day. He's patient, especially since his little sister has something of a personality disorder and his little brother is constantly picking on her. He's grown to love watching after both of them and worries constantly about them. And not to mention, he's a tad bit overprotective of them. Oh yeah, and his favorite thing to eat is gum, he always carries some with him.

RP Sample: Ryuki walked into the Kage's office and sighed. He was out again. How long is he gonna put off this paperwork for? Ryuki looked out the window. "I guess I better go find him then." Ryuki walked out of the room,spinning a kunai on his finger and blowed a bubble with his gum. Ryuki often got into fights with the Kage about the paperwork, but he'd never won any of them. He'd come close once though.


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Ryuki's profile

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