Ninja Legend: A New Age

21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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Member Count: 1

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 My Time Of Dying

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PostSubject: My Time Of Dying   Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:57 pm

Roxl walked calmly through the rouge forest. He no longer had immortality. He left the village in good hands. He had righted all the wrongs he caused. He had no reason to live anymore. He kept walking. He walked up to a cliff. He looked over the edge and saw a blue light. Roxl smiled. It was a soul, who lost its way. Roxl called to it. The soul came to him. Roxl pointed to the sky. Off the soul went, gratefull of Roxl.

Roxl went back the way he came, turning at one point. He walked and walked and walked. He saw in the distance a rouge mugging an old lady. Roxl walked up to the rouge, who saw the great being and dropped what he stole. He ran faster than a cheatah. The old woman thanked Roxl, and scurried away. Roxl continued walking.

As Roxl continued, he bacame tired. Life was slowly leaving his body. Roxl closed his eyes. He remembered something from his childhood. His ninja childhood: Roxl was walking down the shoreline. The tide was pulling away. He saw an old man throwing sea stars franticly in the water. Roxl walked up to the old man. What are you doing? Roxl had asked. The old man turned to face young Roxl. I'm saving sea stars' lives. Roxl looked at him like he had just spoke in a foriegn language. But the beach streatches 5 miles left, and 5 miles right. You cant possibly make a difference! The old man smiled and threw one more star in the water. I made one to him.

Roxl continued walking forward until he was dead center of the forest. He sat down in the middle of the open grove. He was very tired. Very close to death. Roxl smiled. He thought of the happiest time of his life: when he was friends with Jm back at the mist. Tears of joy slid down Roxl's face. This was it. Roxl layed down. He layed there for hours. Finally, his body became nothing more than a shell. Roxl's soul began to fly to the heavens. Roxl was so happy: He once again could see his parents! And all the people who died! Roxl left the earth with asmile on his face. His soul began flying very fast. This was it. Roxl was going.... going.......gone.
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My Time Of Dying

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