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 Longest Profile ever, and it's not even done!!!

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Kinaga Unabara

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PostSubject: Longest Profile ever, and it's not even done!!!   Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:57 pm

Rogue Shinigami

Name: Kaminari Sakaiya
Alias: Kami, Gypsy of the Seireitei, Nari
Age Of Death: 13
Age Of Appearance: 15
Real Age: 213
Gender: Female
Current Residence: Karakura districts
Squad Number: None
Weapons: Zanpakuto, dagger knife(s)
Personality: Kaminari is quite the adventurous person, but she gets bored very easily. She moved from squad to squad when she lived in the Siereitei within years of each other simply because she was bored of the previous one. Because of this she has been in just about every squad in the Soul Society, except squads 1 and 11. She's normally a kind person. Normally. If she got a bad nights sleep or something similar, she'll be in quite the bad mood. She tends to sleep quite often too, whenever she can spare the hours. Kami's the exact definition of the opposite of a workaholic, taking a day off whenever she could.

Kami is by no means a lazy girl. She goes to school in the realm of the living just for the fun of it, doing her work only occasionally, but always retaining what she is taught, therefore, acing all the tests. She'll take a run around the districts and help just about anyone who seems to need a hand. She's a generous girl, but isn't very widely accepted in the realm of the living because of the way she dresses in public (she'll wear the school's uniforms, but doesn't quite like it), and most people seem to think that a girl as "young" as Kaminari shouldn't be wearing an eyepatch because they believe nothing serious could've happened to her in the short 15 years of her life that she should be wearing an eyepatch. She's blind in her left eye, and wears the eyepatch to hide that, and the fact that she has a scar over it.

Kaminari is a fun-loving girl. She's on several sports teams in her school, including soccer and track. She doesn't try too hard when playing though, thinking that she'd have an obvious unfair advantage due to her time in the Seireitei. She has a few friends, who she hangs out with sometimes when she isn't working.

Kaminari is someone who would be described as a wanderer, or a gypsy perhaps, as was her nickname in the Seireitei. She's a free-floating spirit, going, as she says, "wherever the winds" take her. She really doesn't like being bossed around and nowadays will refuse any "order" given to her. She doesn't get angry very easy, and her anger subsides almost immediately, as she often states, "it's not what you see in me that I care about, it's what I see in me." All in all she's a kind-hearted person, and won't use the word hate under any circumstances.

Physical Appearance:

Under the eyepatch is a nasty slash-looking scar that goes right over her eye. And has this tattoo on her back.

Time of Day: Realm of the Living

Kaminari was born as the daughter of a samurai who worked directly under the emperor in feudal Japan, on April 2, 1794. Her father was a kind man, but not a very bright one. He wanted for his daughter to attempt to continue the line of the failing samurai's. "The Samurai's are falling at a dangerous pace," he would tell her. Then he would go on to tell her that it was her duty as a citizen of Japan to bring them back to power. Erego, he trained her daily with swords, starting at the age of 5. He started of course, with wooden swords. He wasn't that idiotic. At first Kaminari progressed slowly, complaining that she wanted to go play like the other children. That it was no fair that it had to be her duty to revive the samurai. She was ignored and the training continued. Soon after she went to her mother, who, as a woman in feudal Japan, held no authority.

The training continued.

After a while, Kaminari started making up stories in her head, that she was fighting the legendary demons who ate the souls of innocent humans. This inspired Kami not only to whole-heartedly train with her father, but also to start training on her own while her father was away working. By the time she was eight years old, she was already nearing a mastery of swords, having already moved onto training with real swords. Her skill matched even the best of the remaining samurai. The day after her ninth birthday, she entered into the Spring Tournament for sword fighting, in which she won first prize among the kids who competed, most of them much older than her. Impressed with her skill, a young swordmaster of Japan decided he wanted to sensei her, rather than her "outdated" father. Both her father and Kaminari enthusiastically agreed.

As her training with this new sensei commenced, Kami was almost distraught at how tough his trainings were. But remembering her "childhood" fantasies, she once again started persevering. On several occasions she even imagined that she did in fact see one of those terrible monsters. She trained with this new sensei, Kentori-sensei, for 3 years, until she was twelve, upon which Kaminari stumbled a fateful day.

While out looking for berries, as she normally did on the days that Kentori-sensei gave her off, she believed she felt the presence of one of the monsters, as she sometimes did when she trained by herself. The home of her sensei was in the mountains, so navigating would be hard for someone who had just arrived there. But seeing as how Kimanari had lived there for three years, she knew the area quite well. Believing this was a sign from the gods that she was not to take the day off, rather, this day was to train, she set off, swerving through the trees to find this so-called monster that her sensei could never see. Many times he had scolded her for believing in such fantasies, saying that such motivation was only for the weak.

After only moments of running and swerving, Kami came to the beast. It was the largest out of any she'd ever seen. She'd killed all the others she'd met though, so what should stop her from slaying this one? She drew her sword and ran towards the beast. She'd take the head of this one before it disappeared and show it to her sensei. He would no longer think she was just a fanciful little child. She was not. These creatures were real! Taking a slice at the beast, she felt contact, but felt herself then thrown back by one of it's claws. After the second time she had fought one of these creatures, she'd never gotten hit anymore. This one was very, very fast. So fast, that it had her in it's clutch only moments after it had hit her. She needed more time to recover from these blows than what it was giving her. Unfortunately, it was over just as quickly as it started. The creatures claw had sliced through her midsection, spilling nearly all her blood in that one fell swoop.

The Chosen Path: After death, before the Seireitei

Kami woke up, a chain attached to her chest, and the monster gone. If they ate souls....she wondered what drove it away. Getting up, she already knew she was dead. What else would she be? She'd heard tales of people who died who couldn't move on, but never before had she heard of this strange chain. She supposed she could've been dreaming up that whole thing, but once again, the same question arose. The chain. Kaminari saw her body on the ground, blood everywhere. She looked away. She never had the stomach to watch even pigs being slaughtered, let alone her own body. Walking away, she started back towards her sensei's house, hoping in vain that her sensei would be able to see her. As she arrived at the small house, she reached out her hand to push the door open. Her hand went through the door. So she took the hint and went through the door instead of uselessly trying to push it open. Her sensei was in the kitchen, preparing their meal for that night. It just then hit her. That night was to be her thirteenth birthday. At that moment she started hating herself for losing to that damned monster. Her sensei was cooking her favorite dish for her birthday and had sent her out today so that he could make it a surprise.

Rage started burning inside her. Why had she lost? Why was she so weak!? This would never have happened if she had just listened to her sensei and stopped with those stupid fantasies! These thoughts burned through her skull like vengeful ghosts. She suddenly wished she was a different person just so she could kill herself again. "Sensei! Stop, please, I'm dead, I don't want you to keep making that for me! I'm dead! Sensei, please listen!" She yelled to him over and over. She didn't want him to keep making it only to find out that he had wasted his time on a dead child. Tears swelled in her eyes as she ran out of the house and away from the mountains, making her way back to where she would find her mother and father.

As she came upon her home village, several days after leaving her sensei's home, she looked about for her former home. She found it, and found her parents, who had another child with them. It was a baby of about two years, running around the home. Up until then, Kaminari believed that she was an only child and that her parents would have awaited her return from training with Kentori-sensei. But clearly she was wrong. What had she done to anger the gods this badly that everything had seemed to go wrong? Anger seethed within her, but not at herself this time. Now it was directed at the gods. She had done nothing but lived an honest life! What had she done to deserve this?!

Just then she felt the strong presence of a monster again, and hoped this time that it wouldn't see her. It didn't feel like the same monster, but regardless, she didn't think she was in a condition to fight it off. Then it came into sight; it was large, as were they all, but it didn't seem too powerful. It was coming towards her. Just as it was about to attack her, she reached for her trusty blade that she kept on her back, but found it wasn't there. Why would it be though? Material items didn't follow humans into death. They lived forever. So to speak. Staring in horror as the monster came at her, a black flash crossed her vision and in that instant, the monster was cut in half, disappearing into darkness. Kaminari looked around to see who could've possibly saved her. She thought she was the only one who could see them, but this must've meant that she was wrong.

It was then she saw a female in black and white robes walking towards her. The woman was tall, with long crimson hair, which was tied back into a ponytail. She sheathed a sword in a case that hung by her side. This figure was awe-inspiring to Kami. She'd never seen anything like it. Just who was this? And what was she doing slaying these awful monsters? Kaminari approached her, her anger subsiding just by the sight. "W...who are you?" The lady smiled at Kami. "I am a shinigami. My name is Akahana Unasashi. I've come to help you," the woman said with a bright and comforting smile. Kami immediately believed her. She'd never seen any woman with such power. Every woman in feudal Japan was considered weak and under men. Immediately Kaminari looked up to this woman. Kami nodded. "Okay. How will you help me though? I am dead. There is no help for me. are a death god, so perhaps you are here to take me to the heavens?" The woman nodded and Kami grinned. She was already eager. The woman took out her sword and Kami saw the hilt start glowing before she closed her eyes and waited for whatever it was the woman was going to do.

The True Beginning: Into the Soul Society

Kaminari grew up in the wealthier districts of the soul society, but was not raised as a spoiled brat by any means. She would avoid taking anything she didn't need, her worst "dislike" being gluttony. Her skill with the sword followed her through to the soul society for the most part and, being rid of anything fun to do in the Rukongai districts, rather than being suggested by a shinigami requested that she be put into the shinigami academy. One of the shinigami that was in the room at the time of the request protested, then requested that she first be tested, stating that they couldn't let just anyone into the academy. Acquiescing to the shinigami's request, Kaminari was requested to show the shinigami her sword skills through a mock battle, where he stood on the defensive while Kami attacked him. Satisfied with what he saw, the shinigami dropped his protest.

Kaminari started her years at the academy unliked by most of the students, upon their discovery of where she came from. Determined to prove them wrong, Kami did all her work, aced her tests, and proved to be a real prodigy when it came to battle and reiatsu control. Her kidou skills were remarkable, as were her sword skills. This was only her first year at the academy though. The other students there started to think her a showoff. During her second year, not only did she keep up her grades and fighting skills, she found out the true nature of some of the other students, finding one day that a few of the male students were ganging up on a single female student in the halls. Taking it upon herself to help out, she beat the crap out of the four male students, gaining rapid popularity among the other students, mainly the female students.

In her fourth year in the academy, she discovered her shikai while in the inner world of her zanpakuto. Up to the day she's had her shikai for 82 years, and has mastered it completely, having trained it every day since the day she got it. Kaminari is also quite adept in shunpo, since she used it everyday to get to the academy, simply for practice.

Kaminari graduated from the academy when she was 133, at the top of her class. The first squad that Kami was put into after graduating was squad 2. She stayed in that squad for 7 years, before deciding she was bored with that squad and requesting a transfer to squad 13, in which she stayed for six years. Every few years or so, getting bored with her current squad, she requested a transfer, and surprisingly enough, each time the request was granted. She went then from squad 13 to squad 9(for 5 years), from squad 9 to the kidou corps(for 5 years), to the patrol squad(for 2 years), to squad 6(for 7 years), to squad 4(for 8 years), to squad 10(for 10 years), to squad 8(for 5 years), to squad 7(for 7 years), to squad 5(for 9 years), to squad 3(for 4 years), and finally to squad 12(for 4 years), respectively. Each time, out of sheer boredom, she transferred, learning and (nearly) perfecting each of the skills of each squad she went into, and making sure that she didn't get attached to any one squad in particular.

Finally running out of things to keep her interest in the Seireitei, she decided to split and desert. She went to the gate that lead to the realm of the living one night, telling the current guards that she was going there for research. They'd let her through without question and she never came back.

End of the Beginning, Beginning of the Rest: Back to the Realm of the Living

Returning to the realm of the living for the first time in 29 years, Kaminari had to get things situated again. By passing herself off as a 16 year old, she was able to get herself a decent job as a paid intern for some guy who was a doctor by working as his secretary. The kinds of things people let teenagers do.....Anyways, thanks to this job, which was only during the afternoons, Kami was actually able to get herself a small one room apartment in which she lives now.

Kaminari attends school like any other human kid, doing the homework only enough to pass, and acing the tests whenever they came. She wears the school uniform only in school and goes to her place immediately after to change into her "normal" clothes. She carries her dagger or two up her sleeves in her normal clothes in case of an emergency that called for her not being able to draw her zanpakuto. Speaking of her zanpakuto, Kami is a frequent visitor to the Unahana shop, and likes to see what kinds of things Unahana had invented, one of which she had bought at one point so that she could keep her zanpakuto hidden from those not spiritually sensitive. She keeps it on her back in it's sheath at all times, no matter where she is. So far, Kaminari has lived in the Realm of the Living for a year, and has decided that she won't leave because there's always something to do in Karakura town, so she'll never get bored.


Name: Sai (Restrain)
Number: 1
Type: Bakudō
Range: Short
Incantation: Unknown
Description: Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.


Name: Hibiku (Resound) ***
Number: 14
Type: Bakudō
Range: Short
Incantation: Three chimes, rattling bones, the savage Raijin lets loose his fearsome roar!
Description: Releases a pulse of electricity in the shape of a dome that extends to a five meter diameter, pushing back and electrocuting all who are struck. The execution speed of this Bakudō is among the fastest of all Kidō.


Name: Sekienton (Red Smoke Escape)
Number: 21
Type: Bakudō
Range: Short
Incantation: Unknown
Description: Creates a blast of red smoke that simulates a ninja's smoke bomb. Useful for quick getaways.


Name: Tsuriboshi (Suspending Star)
Number: 37
Type: Bakudō
Range: Long
Incantation: Unknown
Description: Creates a star-shaped cushion of spiritual energy, which anchors it to nearby objects with "ropes" of spirit particles. It can stop falling objects, acting like a safety net.


Name: Hyōsekkai Sennari (Hail Stone Cluster) ***
Number: 38
Type: Hadō
Range: Long
Incantation: Emperor of the North Wind whose blessings I seek, breathe upon my foes and let them witness true terror!
Description: An enhanced version of Hadō #6, Hyōsekkai. The user raises a hand to the sky and large stones of ice rain down from the heavens. The hail stones swarm around the enemy until the user crushes their outstretched hand into a fist, and the hailstones all collide into the opponent at the same time.


Sealed form: Sealed form


Name: Ginhoshi (Silver Star)
Spirit Description: Ginhoshi
Inner World: Above water
Under the water
Type: Permafrost
Call Out Phrase: Furi-zu (Freeze) Ginhoshi!
Shikai Appearance: The change in Kaminari's clothing is only slight. A large scarf, almost large enough to be a full cloak, appears wrapped around her neck. The scarf looks something like this: Scarf. Appearance-wise, Kaminari's blade doesn't change. The change in her blade comes in the abilities section.
Shikai Abilities:

  • Kaminari's blade turns into *permafrost (not including the hilt of the sword).
  • Toukan-ya (Frost Arrows)-This technique will shoot arrows of permafrost out of a surface at a 90o angle from the surface. There's a catch to this technique, however. The arrows can only shoot from a place that Kaminari has touched or stepped, which makes this especially useful in Karakura town or the seireitei, since she's been just about everywhere in these places, however it would be practically useless in a place such as Hueco Mundo, where she's never been. The arrows emerge at a moments notice, and only shoot in a straight line, but there is no limit to how many she can summon. The more reiatsu Kami uses to summon them, the faster they strike. This technique is useful for when Kami is fighting an opponent in the air, because the arrow can piece them from beneath as a surprise attack. Also, upon hitting each other, the arrows will shatter into dangerously sharp shards that will scatter in a shockwave-like motion, hitting anything in its path. This technique can only be used, however, if Kaminari is no more than 3/4 of a mile (give or take a few feet) away from the surface in which the arrow is shooting from.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Edge- The edge of Ginhoshi in shikai excretes liquid nitrogen, freezing cuts as the sword strikes. While this stops the loss of blood in the enemy, it also freezes the wound, and the blood surrounding the wound, numbing the area. If the wound is bad enough and enough blows are inflicted, an entire limb could be numbed, most of the time for the duration of an entire battle, rendering it useless. The area will numb faster or slower, depending on how strong the opponent is, and how much control over reiatsu they have. Said opponent can course reiatsu through said wound, which will break up the chemical into particles too small to affect the blood. Stronger foes blood may also have some kind of resistance to freezing. Enemies of the same level will have moderate numbness for a shorter amount of time than that of a stronger enemy, and a longer amount of time than that of a weaker enemy. Eventually, after enough time has passed, oh say, 24 hours or so, the blood will be back to it's normal state, and the limb/injury will regain feeling.
  • Danpen Hana (Shard Flower)- As reiatsu is coursed through the blade, a permafrost flower will bloom on the very edge of the blade. When the blade is swung, the petals will break off the end of the blade in a fanned out pattern of shards. If the attack is to be more concentrated on one area, the flower will bloom less (Small bloom) and deal more damage because presumably more shards will hit. If the attack is meant to cover more area, the flower will bloom more (Larger bloom), which will presumably deal less damage. This last one is better for opponents who are hiding under some kind of kidou or reiatsu that would render them invisible. Faster/stronger enemies have a much more likely chance of dodging, as it isn't Kaminari's fastest attack. Slower/weaker enemies have a much more likely chance of being hit, and same strength/speed enemies have a moderate chance of dodging. All strength classes have a lower chance of dodging the larger blooms than the smaller blooms because of it's wider range.

*Permafrost is considered to be unmeltable ice. Being in contact with it for more than a few seconds can burn and freeze the skin slightly.


Call Out Phrase:
Description How It Was Achieved:
Bankai Control:
Bankai Appearance:
Bankai Abilities: [/s]

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PostSubject: Re: Longest Profile ever, and it's not even done!!!   Sat Oct 10, 2009 7:13 pm

NOW it's done. Long, isn't it?

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i like how she looks
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I come back for one day and I see this.
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Oi Chronic! Get your hind back on Ninja Legend!!! I recall that quite a while ago you said you were gonna be Kazuya's best friend! Besides, we miss you here!

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PostSubject: Re: Longest Profile ever, and it's not even done!!!   

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Longest Profile ever, and it's not even done!!!

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