Ninja Legend: A New Age

21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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Magma Valley
Kage: Kira
Assistant: Saitou
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 5

Stealth Valley
Kage: Kurome
Assistant: Aphrodisia
ANBU Captain:
Member Count: 3

Death Valley
Kage: Kymir
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Crescent Valley
Kage: Goshen Shizaku
Assistant: (Open)
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Snow Valley
Kage: Kazuma
Assistant: Daemon Ame
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 5

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Captain: Xaverie
Lieutenant: Chu Lain
Member Count: 4

Member Count: 1

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 Chorio Culky

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PostSubject: Chorio Culky   Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:53 am

Name:Chorio Culky
Nicknames:White Lightning

Village: Storm
Rank: Anbu

Height: 6'3
Weight: 200

Clan: Culky

Family History: The culky clan has always been know as the element clan, because when born, each baby has a mysterious mark in the shape of an element makr. For example some are brn with a fire emblem mark on them, other a water sign. In fact the sign of the villages came from the culky clan. HGowever in the last hundred years, most of the clan has been wiped ou, leaving just one branch in each vilage. As for Chorio's family, he is an only child of two of the greatest storm ninja every, his mother was born with a cloud symbol, giving here great cloud jutsu, providing cover for mission, his father was born with a rain sign, meaning he could use rain to his advantage. But unfortunately, the where the last two not fully related members in storm branch, meaning Chorio will likely be the last full-blood Culcky in the storm village.

Character History: Chorio was born with a lightning sign, giving him great spped and lightning abilities. He is know as White Lightning because he can use his lightning ability to supercharge himself and he can sprint at speed that the eye can't pick up. He has even tested it against the sharingan and byakugan, which can merely see him as blurr. He became an anbu after leading mission to escort a diplomat turned into a full on battle with a rouge gang that had a score to settle with the politican's country. He using quick thinking,he regrouped his team and took the rouges out and got the diplomat to his country. So now, he just want to get to the top and become the anbu leader.

Personality: Friendly but a little over irritable, and a true beast on the battle field

RP Sample: (I'll just use that stroy i gave you about the rouge in my character history for this) Chorio and his team where walking along with their client, a visiting diplomat from the land of the tree. Then, quite suddenly tons of shadow as a whole militia of rouge came raining down on them. He spread out his team telling them what to do, then he start, the preperated had been made for this each of his teammate had a scroll that would create clouds, and with all four of his teammate using the scrolls, it had already became rather dark. Then Chorio unleased it, "Lightning style: Doomsday" he shouted as the cloud erupted in lightnign striking down each rouge as the touched the ground any that landed in a tree where hit by one of the teammate's kunias. When they were done, all of the roges where dead, and they continued on their way.

Approved. Very Good Profile.

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Chorio Culky

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