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21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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Member Count: 4

Member Count: 1

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 Bella Wolf

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PostSubject: Bella Wolf   Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:08 pm

Name: Bella Wolf
Nicknames: Monster

Village: None
Rank: Wolf/Loner

Age: 19
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 157


Gender: Female

Clan: Wolf

Family History: The wolf family never really stayed together. The females where all wolves, to humans, werewolves. Once a girl comes of age, her parents let her go to her own destiny, choosing a life to hunt humans or other animals. Very few from the family could be able to turn to half wolf form, where they had the features of both a human and a wolf.

Character History: Bella had always been adored by people ever since she had turned 5. She was always spoiled and got everything she wanted. After a while, she grew to be a stuck up brat. She turned down every boy that would ask her out and she'd only talk with the popular girls.

Personality: Snob, stuck up, however a brat my act.

RP Sample:
Bella sat in a chair that was pulled up to the window. She stared out it blankly, like she was thinking absentmindedly. She sighed and got up, the chair scooting across the wooden floor. She walked to the door and held the handle for a while. She opened the door and ducked into the rain. She stood on the porch for a while, her hair sticking to her face. She didn't mind. The cold didn't get to her, she was used to the cold rain anyway. She walked off of the porch and to the right. She walked into the forest and looked around. She didn't see anyone. Bella let herself fall into her wolf self, but she kept it to the semi-wolf. She felt her fur begin to stick to her skin and she let out a growl, OK, that bothered her. She fell to all fours and turned wolf. Full wolf. A large wolf. Maybe 7 foot at the shoulder! She growled aimlessly and padded through the wet, but comforting, forest.

Approved, but be sure to keep up with this one, okay?

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Bella Wolf

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