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21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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 The Mizuraki Clan

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Kinaga Unabara

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PostSubject: The Mizuraki Clan   Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:58 pm

Yes, an old topic, I know, is history. Therefore it shall be put up here! Beware, all of what you are about to hear will be extensively dramatic, as that is what I do best.

The Mizuraki Clan...a powerful one, to say the least. Early on in their generations they broke off from the Stealth Valley, inheriting some of the speed that accompanied being a Stealth ninja. Granted, much of that speed was lost over the years, but they had what one would call 'kekkai genkai' on their side, and a powerful one at that.

This kekkai genkai had no one name that was used above all else, but those who used it would sometimes be considered elementalists. Some even considered them the 'Avatars' that were spoken of in myths and legends of olden times. Of course, 'Avatar' was the name used mostly by those who opposed this powerful clan.

Now...what is this kekkai genkai of which I speak? Well, I'll describe it to you. Each child of this clan was born to an element, only one, to which they could control without the use of jutsu. Perhaps you can now see why they are so dangerous. This would speed up their ability to attack, but they wouldn't know until a few years into their life which element they could control.

In order to figure out which element a child was born to, the Mizuraki came up with a simple kit. This kit was a box that contained any element one could possibly think of, not just the basic four; a case of matches (fire), a brass bowl one would fill with water (water), a paper fan (wind), a few different types of rock (earth), a simple ball of steel (metal), a flashlight (light or shadow), tree bark (wood), live vines (plants), ice cubes (ice), and a balloon (electricity).

After the element was discovered, the child had to be closely monitored so that they did not lose control by accident. Most of those born into the Mizuraki clan became warriors. In some cases though, they might've used their powers for a different trade. For example, a water elementalist to become a healer so that it would be simpler to control blood flow, or a metal elementalist to become a blacksmith. This was not uncommon.

Though, there were some cases, very rare cases, in which the member would inherit several elements that would combine to make one element as a whole. For example: wind, rain, and electricity for an element of storm, or water, fire, earth, and air for an element of chaos. These Mizuraki's were thought to be especially dangerous, and could only use their techniques for destruction. This wasn't necessarily untrue, many of those born in this way found themselves cast aside to other villages to cause ruin there instead of where the Mizuraki lived, which was just outside the jurisdiction of the Valley's.


For a while the Mizuraki clan isolated itself from the Valley's, getting whatever items they needed from nearby towns that traded with the larger Valley's. Even though for near a thousand years the clan was isolated, they did not develop as slow as one would think, all their technology and knowledge keeping up with the world around them as it progressed. That being said, as they were isolated, they grew quite large and created their own style of fighting and a way to better train their ninja. That being said, the clan was becoming quite powerful, engulfing the nearby towns with which it had previously traded, into it's population.

Seeing how easily they were able to do this, they decided to set their sights on bigger fish, or in other words, the powerful Valley's. At this time they were easily twice the size of the Akatsuki and larger than all the Valley's combined, so their confidence was well invested. That being said, they quietly prepared their forces, trying to recruit any stray Mizuraki for two reasons: one, to make sure they didn't have any significantly large forces, and two, to gain back their disaster elementalists, as they were called. Though one of the Mizuraki refused to return to them and warned their Valley about it, thus ruining the Mizuraki's plans for a surprise attack.

The Valley's, all deciding to ban together against this large threat, even went so far as to make a treaty with the Akatsuki to save themselves from the approaching threat. Instead of waiting for the Mizuraki to come make the first attack, the Valley's and the Akatsuki decided to dispatch one large team of ninja to finish off the Mizuraki once and for all. This ultimate mission, though many lives were lost, was a success. There are few alive today with Mizuraki blood in them; only four confirmed, though since none of them were involved in the planned invasion, all of them are left to live in peace.

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The Mizuraki Clan

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