Ninja Legend: A New Age

21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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 A Loss That Will Never Be Forgotten (Snow vs. Stealth Outcome)

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PostSubject: A Loss That Will Never Be Forgotten (Snow vs. Stealth Outcome)   Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:41 am

The war between the Stealth and Snow waged on for days. The Stealth Kage, Tenkuu had been relieved to know the Infamous Five had was joining them in the fight. Unfortunately the Stealth forces where still spread out amongst the other villages. Even with Kenjiro and Shen back to help her command the army, they were not prepared. The Snow had covered the village with ice and the Stealth ninja were not used to such weather. No longer fighting in their once familiar environment the war began to go down for the Stealth as they watched their village began to burn to ashes.

Not completely willing to give up, some of the ninja's forced through, taking out as many attacking ninja as they could. But Micah, the Snow Kage was well prepared. He pressed forward and went straight to the source of power, Tenkuu. Leaving his army of ninja behind, he let them handle the rest of the village. Now fighting one on one with one another it was an all out battle for the victory. The first Kage down would mean the loss of a victory on their part.

It didn't take long for the fire that had spread from the barn to spread across the village. Even with the snow fall it remained strong. The plan was for the fire to burn across and through the village in order to trap and divide the Stealth ninja. And there was only one way out. Through the South gate, where a new wave of Snow ninja awaited. Tenkuu had no choice but to call a retreat before everyone was closed in and killed by the fire. She knew it was a trap, but there was no other way out.

Calling the retreat with reluctance she lead her remaining ninja and the citizens to the South gate where they put up the final battle against the Snow. Worn out and too tired, the Stealth put up a good final battle, but lost against their attackers. Leaving Tenkuu badly wounded and Shen in charge of the village. With their new found victory, the Snow ninja left for home, glad to have proven their point amongst the village while the Stealth were left to recover from the defeat.

Putting out the fires in their village and appointing a new assistant; Lee. The Stealth has been left in ruins and must rebuild their village and bury their lost ninja and citizens.

Stop dwelling in the past, look forward to what's to come in the future.

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A Loss That Will Never Be Forgotten (Snow vs. Stealth Outcome)

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