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21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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 A Scottish Lass Who Is Not Named Dallas

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Stealth ANBU
Stealth ANBU

Nickname : A Scottish Lass Who Is Not Named Dallas

Character Age : 19
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Age : 19
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PostSubject: A Scottish Lass Who Is Not Named Dallas   Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:32 pm

{I am the Greatest Ninja of Them All!}

{You Think You Know Me}

Pardon my Scottish accent, it may be a little bit hard to understand. I will try my best.
My full name would be Katherine Dallas Gray, but I prefer to go by my middle name, Dallas.
I am 19 years of age, having a birthday on January 15. I am 5 foot 2 and am 10 stones, 10 pounds (That would be 150 pounds). In case you cannot already tell, I am a female.
I am not one to mess with, but I have a soft side for animals. I can be a very happy person and outgoing, but I am not a stereotype girl. I love the outdoors and I am in no way afraid to get my hands and face muddy. I admit I can be a little mean with my joke, but it is all in good fun and you should never take my rude comments seriously. I have experience in archery, but that was so long ago I may have lost my touch. All in all, if you are willing to talk to me, I will be willing to talk to you, and perhaps we can form a friendship.

{What Are You Waiting For! Welcome Me Home}

I live in the Valley of Stealth and I am an ANBU. Watch out, I will get you if you mess with me!

{They Made Me Who I Am Today}

My mother and father are back in Scotland, too afraid to come here. They feel as if I should go back, but I could never leave something I love so much. I still go back and visit them, which is how I keep such a strong accent.
My mother's name is Kendrith. She is in her 40s and we do not exactly get on the same page. But she loved me to death and has no idea what she would do if I never went to visit her. She does not like the fact I like to play in the mud, she thinks that is for boys, but she says that it is my decision to do what I want, and I should have fun with it.
My father, however, is the one who taught me archery. He's a well built man, though he is a little short. I admit I am almost taller then him. None the less he is very friendly and loves making jokes, no matter how terrible they may be. His name is Ailbert, being almost 50, and he's by far one of the stupidest, yet wonderful fathers you could ever have. I always have to visit him so daddy's little girl is not neglected.
I have three brothers. One of them is older than me, being 22 years of age and off somewhere in Europe that neither I, nor my parents can ever track down. He drops in visits at the randomest of times and I rarely ever catch him for a visit. His name is Derrik and he is by far the friendliest person you could meet, if you can catch him, that is.
The other two are much younger, and twins, around 8 or 9 years of age, I honestly lost track since my last visit. My, my, are they troublesome. They do not fight, but they get in to tons of trouble. Whether it is dragging mud through the house or knocking over some precious vase, you can normally find them with their noses in the corner.

There is not much to tell on family history. Me and Derrik are the only two ever to leave the UK in the family line, including our ancestors. Apparently we are some descendants from royalty - obviously removed once or twice, maybe even three times - but I really think that is just a lie to interest me and my brethren. Anything before my grandparents is relatively boring. We never left the country, never opened up any huge successful shops, just worked at boring factories or farmed or whatever it is my family did, but I know for fact it was not interesting.

A little bit about my past? Oh, this is an interesting story. Sit back, enjoy yourselves. A long time ago, about 19 years ago, my parents wanted another boy. But me, being the little devil I was, came out as a girl. My mother wasn't exactly happy with my arrival, and my father just shrugged it off. 5 years later, I was given a bow by him. My mother was devastated. She hated the fact my father was trying to get me into dangerous stuff. Of course I was already playing in mud by the age of 2 and Derrik wouldn't hesitate to wrestle with me at 4. Wrestling was something me and Derrik did often, and it was not the type of play wrestling you normally think kids play. It was full out, trying to knock each other out wrestling. Derrik would always win these playtimes, but I never gave up. We still do it today, and we are pretty evenly matched. I've won a few times. After the whole bow incident when I was young, I got more involved with guy activities, always choosing them over anything girly. I refuse to wear a dress now.

{I Could Never Leave These Two Behind}

I have two little babies of mine. Cloe and Maximus.
They are inspirable siblings and I could never leave home without them, whether it be Scotland or here.

Cloe is a purebred Triocolor Border Collie. She is fun loving and would never hurt a fly.. unless of course you steal her stick, then she would rip off your arm. Kidding~ She is scared rather easily, and when she is, she will dart to hide behind whoever is closest, even if she has no idea who they are.

Maximus, or as everyone calls him, Max, is a very loving Blue Merle Border Collie. He never runs out of energy. When commanded to sit, he will literally touch his butt to the ground then stand right back up and trot in place. He is very protective over me and his sister, so try not to act threatening unless you want a limb ripped off. He is very good at tug of war and has a grip that cannot be pried off with bare hands.

{A New Beginning}

The weather was warm and the trees were lightly swishing in the wind. I had set off to The Open several hours ago, the dogs right on my heels. They did not need to be leashed, always following one another along with me. When one would run ahead, the other would follow, then they would circle back to me. Now, however, they were running throughout the open field, chasing down birds, rodents, and anything that moved. It was not very often I was able to bring them to this part. Normally there was someone here and I would have to go find another part of the park with less people. This, however, was my favourite part of the park, mainly because I could find a perfect place to sit and read beside a shallow stream, glittering with tiny fish.
I winced slightly as I watched Cloe pounce on Maximus, giving him enough of a scare to launch himself onto the slippery rocks of the stream, causing his paws to lose their grip and send him splashing into the water. I couldn't help but giggle at it though. Even if it would take forever until his layers of fur became dry, it was hilarious to watch him emerge from the water, head down, before launching himself at Cloe, chasing her and sending droplets of water flying in his path.
After that display, I decided to go back to my book, every so often writing down something in a notepad beside me, or pointing out a mistake in spelling, normally the "-our" mistake that compared American literature to the UK's. Other times I just ignored it and continued reading. So needless to say I was rather preoccupied at the moment.
I was distracted enough that I hadn't noticed a person approaching me. Suddenly a twig snapped and I jumped, nearly dropping my book in the process. Maximus, of course, came running over, stopping next to me and shaking his fur, sending water everywhere. Cloe had followed and yelped at the sudden coldness.
"Maximus!" I cried, shielding the book and notepad from getting wet, "You will be the death of me!" I couldn't help but giggle, before finally turning to look at the person that caused the sound, and that's where you stood, not far enough to have avoided the spray of water droplets from the wet dog, "I am sorry. He has no sense." I couldn't help another giggle at how stupid I sounded saying that with such a strong accent compared to everyone else.

{Ho ye, What is the Answer to Number Three?}

((Make me have to go scavenge the rules for this... *grumble grumble*
The Depp of Johnnyness.
You love me.))

((I'm not going to type in the Scottish accent, it's harder than you think.))
((Guess who it is? Yep! Panda. I'm back and ready, baby~))
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Kinaga Unabara

Nickname : The Plot Master, The Storm Ninja

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PostSubject: Re: A Scottish Lass Who Is Not Named Dallas   Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:23 pm

Interesting character. Reminds me of the main character from Brave. ^.^

Have fun RPing Panda!

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A Scottish Lass Who Is Not Named Dallas

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