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21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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 Psyche La Fae

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Psyche La Fae
Snow Genin
Snow Genin

Squad : 27; Kai
Character Age : 9
Number of posts : 63
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PostSubject: Psyche La Fae   Sat Aug 23, 2014 6:56 am

{I'm the Greatest Ninja of Them All}

Post Kidnapping:

Face Claim: Custom Artwork of None

{You Think You Know Me}

Character Name: Psyche La Fae
Nicknames: Psyche

Age: 9
Height: 3'9
Weight: 78
Gender: Female

Personality: An angry child, abused a mistreated by the men who took her since they kidnapped her has twisted her young mind from the innocent little child she had been when still living with her family. She has a jaded look on the world, her perception of both life and death distorted beyond measure. Her childhood innocence was destroyed by the time she turned five - that happy, lovable, care-free child that her brother cherished no longer existent in the world. Instead, it has been replaced by an unhealthy bloodlust and deep resentment towards people, life, and the world in general. She is very confused about her life right now, unable to compare the world she occupied prior to the senseless slaughter of her parents, and the "deconstruction" and "reconstruction" she was subjected to under the hands of the kidnappers. Now, Psyche has become quieter and has turned sullen and withdrawn from the world. She can no longer happily engage with it, nor can she care for it. She believes that something has taken root deep within her soul, a snake poisoning her heart after what she did to the men who kidnapped her. Raised for several years under emotionally and mentally straining conditions, Psyche's inversion's psychology cannot focus on anything other than to kill, harm, and perhaps even verbally harm those in her way. She tries to resist it by keeping conversation to a minimum and not looking a person right in the eye, and she'll feel detached and distant. As she wanders around the world, she is curious of the things around her, wondering what it is that she missed from the 6 years that were stolen from her and why she lost them.

Psyche still thinks of her brother Sakigake every day, who taught her many things about the world and the life. Sakigake represents her only salvation, and it is her goal to find him before her soul and sanity perishes. For several years, there is no other person that she keeps and holds dear to her mind than her brother. Even while imprisoned, every day, she thinks, even if vaguely or for the briefest of moments, of the brother that loved her when she was unloved for more than half of her life. She thinks of him even if its hurts her too. She also remembers the slaughter of her parents; a heavily traumatic memory that haunts her to this day. One cannot imagine what frenzy or emotional depression she'll enter if she recalls that dreadful night with colorful detail. Outwardly, Psyche appears to be weak, curious, and somewhat shy.

Her inverse side, however, which she is hardly cognizant of, is much different. Although not sadistic, her inverse side is completely repressed, harboring no emotions at all towards anything, especially during killing. Psyche's alter ego is the embodiment of the kidnapper's human Terminator program to turn the baby girl into an outright murderer. This Psyche has no emotional shackles, and can think in a calculated and cold manner, programmed robotically to eliminate her foe using any means necessary. Although Psyche has ever really met her dark side, Dark Psyche is well aware of what has happened to Psyche and know of her situation. She speaks in a very straight-forward and composed manner. The two of them subconsciously struggle against each other, to try to preserve their own mental existences.

{What Are You Waiting For! Welcome Me Home}

Your Village: Snow
Your Rank: Genin

{They Made Me Who I Am Today}

Mother: Demelza Endoresu (Deceased)
Father: Perseus Endoresu (Deceased)
Siblings: Sakigake Endoresu (Deceased)

Family History: She doesn't know anything about them since she was kidnapped at a young age.

Character History: Psyche's birth was nothing out of the ordinary, was the second child to her father, born to his second wife. Her elder brother Sakigake, doted over her, giving her everything from a young age. She spent the first three years of her life with her brother, and family, almost always by his side, learning something from him and otherwise just living in his love.

One day however a horrible thing happened to the young girl. A group of men attack her house, brutally assaulting her mother and father, actually killing her mother. They took the young girl from her home, shattering her young world, revealing to her the true brutal world. These men would take her far from home, and would become her family from now on, and what a horrible family they were.

Psyche was taken to their hideout, and thrown into a cage, kept there day and night, only taken out of the cage to be put through horrid training regiments, her captors turning her young body into a weapon. Making her into a machine for only one thing, killing. Murder became her only purpose, and they made sure she was good at it. These men would take people from their homes nearby, and make Psyche do unspeakable acts to them, until she no longer felt anything.

They killed her emotions, dulling any pain she might have felt, damaging irreparably her young psyche. However at night, when the criminal captors went to sleep she would stay awake, thinking about her life before, remembering her brother, and her parents. Psyche’s Grimoire had been with her, thankfully, when they took her, so she has always had it, though had yet to experience any sign of the traits her clan usually go through at a young age, having never managed to inverse into her alternate self yet.

One day, after several years of her imprisonment, the men went too far in their brutality, and Psyche snapped. Using the skills she had learned from the men themselves, combined with her first every inversion, Psyche killed the five grown men who had stolen her away from her family. She massacred them in some of the most gruesome ways they taught her, literally disemboweling one of the men. She gave them no respite, leaving some to time from their wounds, to bleed out their lives into the dirt as she left the cave hideout, striding out into the moonlight, her vengeance having taken the entire day to satisfy.

Not knowing where she was Psyche walked out onto a hillside, only one thought on her mind. Finding her way home.

{A New Beginning}

Psyche hoped that her assigned instructor was a skilled sensor or tracker or something, because she really didn't have any talent for this. A failed kunoichi... oh no, no, she must not think that way. She did have prior experience in tracking, and was prone to bursts of cunning intellect. But other than that, without being in the middle of a dire situation, Psyche was just a Genin going on Chunin. She heard steps coming towards her way. The steps were strangely rhythmic, as if there was exactly only a 1-second time interval between each time a foot oscillated with the metallic stairs, narrowing the margin of error between each movement into the mere milliseconds. Precise. Psyche stopped what she was doing, and stood straight up. Her eyes slowly enlarged as the figure of a HUGE, HULKING, HUNGRY man of a shinobi portruded into her view from the top of the stairs. He had what seemed to be a white, bony mask fragment on the side of his face, as well as a firm handsomeness that ladies would look twice at before deciding whether to talk to him or not. He was physically fit, fit enough that he'd probably have no problem brutalizing the living shit out of Psyche with just his bare hands. He was the epitome of a Taijutsu master,

{Hey, What's the Answer to Number Three?}

[Post the code here:Rise of the Shinobi ]
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Psyche La Fae
Snow Genin
Snow Genin

Squad : 27; Kai
Character Age : 9
Number of posts : 63
Karma : 1

PostSubject: Re: Psyche La Fae   Sat Aug 23, 2014 7:07 am

Steel Release: The Steel Release (鋼遁, Kōton; "Steel Style") is an advanced chakra nature kekkei genkai that utilizes the Earth(土遁, Doton) element and the Fire(火遁, Katon) element, under a very dense chakra. This allows the user to use various Steel (鋼遁, Kōton) based techniques typically with an Earth (土遁, Doton) based technique, as well as turning their own body into a virtually indestructible black metal. This is called the Hagane kawa, which is the clan's most used and famous ability.



A Endoresu clan member using the Hagane kawa Technique to cover their entire body. Also the use of Ekitai Kinzoku - Molten Liquid Metal Technique is used here to create a molten metal fire sword.

Those of the Endoresu clan, also have access to the usage of Steel(鋼遁, Kōton) based techniques. These techniques are typically Earth(土遁, Doton) based and are given additional strength through the Steel element. As an advance elemental alteration, the Endoresu clan are also able to create molten liquid metal through the use of Steel(鋼遁, Kōton) and Fire(火遁, Katon). This however is an advance ability, available to very skilled members of the Endoresu. (A-Rank or higher shinobi.)
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PostSubject: Re: Psyche La Fae   Sat Aug 23, 2014 7:20 am

Stop dwelling in the past, look forward to what's to come in the future.

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PostSubject: Re: Psyche La Fae   

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Psyche La Fae

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