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21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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 Jutsu of the Crescent

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Goshen Shizaku

Character Age : 55
Number of posts : 87
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PostSubject: Jutsu of the Crescent    Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:51 am

The following is a list of jutsu availible to members of the Crescent Shinobi bare in mind only certain ranks can use certain jutsu use of advanced levels of jutsu without permission of the Kage will not be considered breaking the rules.
Should you want your genin be able to use a chuunin or higher jutsu you can make a case to me and I will make an informed decision. based on the evidence you give me that makes them ready early. If you have ideas for more Jutsu GREAT let me know and I will run it across Jutsumaster if I think it is okay Jutsumaster will have final say if its alright. If approved it will be added to the list! Please make sure to PM with any and all requests and I will return to you ASAP.

Lunar Jutsu

Lunar strength Jutsu- Based on phases of the moon strength is increased a full moon offering
5 times normal strength over a short period of time.
new 1.5x, crescent 2x, half 3x, full 5x      (Chuunin and up)
Chuunin time limit is 30 seconds, Jounin time limit 1 minute, ANBU and Special Jounin 2 minutes Kage 5 minutes
Chakra Usage- Medium  

Blinding light Jutsu- using the ambient light of the moon or sun a screen of chakra absorbs
and intensifies the light to blind opponents. (genin and up)
Chakra Usage- Light

Sliver Light Justsu (healing) - much like normal healing jutsu moonlight increases
the healing factor so it works optimally at night. (genin and up)
Chakra Usage- Light to heavy based on how long or intensely it is used.

Minds Eye Justsu (mind reading) - placing a hand on another persons head and focusing
chakra into there brain they are allowed to experince what the person as experinced as
visions in there mind.   (genin and up)
Chakra usage- medium to heavy based on how hard it is to read the mind in question

Lunar Gravity jutsu (dual Variant) - an advanced jutsu that allows the user to increase
or decrease the pull of gravity over an area it affects all in that range including the ninja
so useres must be trained to work in both heavy and light gravity (jounin and up)

Pseudomoon Jutsu (requires 4 ninja channeling) - this justsu is a unique type of genjutsu
that creates a full moon in the sky allowing other crescent ninja use  the moon specific jutsu
effectively during a new moon or during the day. (chuunin and up)

Lunar clone jutsu- similar to normal clones they arent physical so there physical attacks
do nothing but they can use ninjutsu and genjustsu effectively. they are as easily dispersed
as normal clones. this ability is usable only with moonlight so useless during the day and new moon.    
(genin and up)
Chakra usage- 1-2 clones Light, 3-10 clones medium 10+ clones heavy.

lunar blessing seal- this is a sealing technique for reasons anyone would need sealing
it leaves a crescent moon shaped seal where ever it is placed.  
(special Joinin, ANBU and kage only)
Chakra usage- Heavy

Nights Eye Jutsu- A unique form of genjutsu that one can inflict upon themselves allies
or enemies working in two variants. used on the user or allies when in no light or at night
you are able to see as if everything is clearly lit as if it where day. used offensively, it
has a reverse effect making vision dark. (genin and up)
Chakra Usage- medium

Crescent Beam Jutsu- Another interesting jutsu the strength of which is based ond phases of
the moon being strong during the moons more crescent phases. it is a beam of pure silver light
that burns like a laser. during a new moon this ability is rendered useless.
(Chuunin and up)
Chakra Usage- Medium/Heavy

Lunar Shield Jutsu- (channeled) a shield that resembles the moon that can cover the user or a large
area defending against genjutsu.  (genin and up)
Chakra Usage- Heavy

Tsukiyomi Jutsu: a variant of an very old justsu which required the power of a large 10
tailed monster. this variant requires a lot less power and affects a much smaller area
trapping all caught in its control in a state of paralysis and illusion. It can be broken
by standard means but once caught breaking free on your own is very difficult until released.
(Kage and Kage assistant only must be granted by Kage)
Chakra Usage- Heavy

Starfall Jutsu: rains white hot fireballs from the sky over a strictly defined
area. the flames burn very hot and burn out quickly if not burning anything.
(Kage and Kage Assistant only)
Chakra usage- Medium/Heavy the longer its used the heavier the strain

(current most powerful and forbidden)
Gravity Well Jutstu: Using the gravitational force of the moon a pin point of pure gravity
is formed and begins to draw everything into it compressing it into a singularity.
effectively killing anything caught in it. this is dangerous because it does not
discriminate friend from foe.
(Kage ONLY)
Chakra usage- Very Heavy
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Goshen Shizaku

Character Age : 55
Number of posts : 87
Karma : 1

PostSubject: Re: Jutsu of the Crescent    Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:53 am

Here is how your jutsu should be submitted.

Rank Restriction:
Chakra usage:

Another thing i for got to mention is if your Jutsu is approved your character will be given credit for the creation. so more fun incentive. Smile
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Jutsu of the Crescent

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