Ninja Legend: A New Age

21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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The first Kage Meeting will began once all Kages are present

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The Year: 2025

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Villages and Organizations
Storm Valley
Kage: Rokugen
Assistant: (Open)
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 3

Magma Valley
Kage: Kira
Assistant: Saitou
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 5

Stealth Valley
Kage: Kurome
Assistant: Aphrodisia
ANBU Captain:
Member Count: 3

Death Valley
Kage: Kymir
Assistant: (Open)
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 3

Crescent Valley
Kage: Goshen Shizaku
Assistant: (Open)
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 1

Snow Valley
Kage: Kazuma
Assistant: Daemon Ame
ANBU Captain: (Open)
Member Count: 5

Shattered Blades
Captain: Xaverie
Lieutenant: Chu Lain
Member Count: 4

Member Count: 1

Last Updated: 9/14/14

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 Daemon Ame

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Daemon Ame
Snow Assistant
Snow Assistant

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PostSubject: Daemon Ame    Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:54 pm

{I'm the Greatest Ninja of Them All}

Face Claim: Stefan of Fire Emblem

{You Think You Know Me}

Character Name: Daemon Totsuzen Ame
Nicknames: Sudden Rain

Age: 21
Height: 6ft
Weight: 175
Gender: Male



{What Are You Waiting For! Welcome Me Home}

Your Village: Snow
Your Rank: Kage Assistant

{They Made Me Who I Am Today}

Mother: Masaki Ame - Deceased
Father: Daemon Ame Sr - Alive(Currently Missing)
Siblings: N/A

Family History:

Daemon was born May 2nd 2003 into the Snow Valley to Misaki and Daemon Ame his father which he was named after. In the Ame family every new generation the first born son is taught a secret sword style known as the Shigure Soen Ryu. As soon as he could stand his father began training his body past the normal limits a child our baby at that should be. When he grew to the age of five that's when the real stuff began he was taught to hold a blade even strike with one. The basic and techniques was drilled until his head until he ultimately mastered the sword style at the age of twenty. Unknown to him his parents were being hunted by the Shattered Blade for abandoning his post resulting in a massacre of fifteen people. Shortly before his seventh birthday the Shattered Blade managed to catch up with them attack their home. Their father managed to hold off most of them until his father was caught an attacked causing his mother to sacrifice her self for her allowing the two to escape.

Character History:

Daemon's History:

{A New Beginning}

Today was yet another day of train Daemon would grab his blade while heading out to the training field. There he would scout out for a subject of his choosing and when sighted he would rush forward unsheathing his blade once released his would let go of the blade letting his fall from shoulder lenght straight, "Shigure Soen Ryu Third Offensive Form: Yarazu no Ame."

Just seconds before the sword reached the ground Daemon would lunge forward kicking the hilt of the blade with great strenght sending it flying towards a training dummy. As it flew forward it began to rapidly spin. While coming into contact with the dummy it would pierce it's head severly cutting the surrounding face. It would also fly into a boulder positioned behind it, cracking the boulder tremendously. He would the damage see as he began walking to retrieve his sword,"Excellent."

As he would remove the sword from the boulder he would then raise it into the air. Now he would once again prepare another attack. He would slash forward with great intensity dropping his blade midway once again but this time he would instead of kicking the blade catch it with the opposite hand slashing forward once again with more speed and force then the last, "Shigure Soen Ryu Fifth Offensive Form: Samidare." The force of the slash would be enough to cut the boulder perfectly in half sensing another smile of great pleasure and happiness.

{Hey, What's the Answer to Number Three?}

[Post the code here: Way of the Shinobi]
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Koriyama Namikaze
Magma Jonin
Magma Jonin

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PostSubject: Re: Daemon Ame    Sun Sep 14, 2014 5:14 am

Jutsu will place you at the next opportunity. And welcome to the community! tell your friends we need more wonderful role players!
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Daemon Ame

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