Ninja Legend: A New Age

21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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 A New name for a new age.

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Goshen Shizaku

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PostSubject: A New name for a new age.    Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:32 am

*Goshen sat in his office his hands clasped he had considered this for a long time this village had been broken and rebuilt and renamed but it was time to get back to its lunar roots. the newly appointed symbol of his village bared the name he had decided upon he had actually left the Renaming of the village to the Students in the academy. he chuckled as he looked though some of the "honorable mentions"* heh moonlight village, silver village... awesome village? *he laughed and smiled at the wonderful things written some made sense others not at all but in the end they chose a symbolic moon phase.* The Crescent a fine name... *he put on his Kage's attire the full robe his jacket and his hat he was going to speak to the People of his village and announce the results.*

*he walked out onto the balcony into the sun lit sky he was planning something special for the village it was in part intended to honor the village and another part for its protection he walked out on to the balcony he smiled warmly down at the villagers* People of the Crested! Today is a special day for our village! After months of decision from our youngest council *he crowd laughed* a time of change is upon us! we shall be known as the Crescent Village from this day until someone else decides to rename it! *the crowd cheers applauds and laughs but calms as Goshen raises his hands* We have worked hard to restore our village to what it was and even stronger! our relations with the other villages are strong and we continue to welcome them into our village and show them our good will! * the moment had arrived. for his newest Jutsu to be revealed he had to toot his own horn this was one hell of a jutsu he began to weave his hand signs.... Monkey, Rat, Ox, Dragon, Snake, Dragon, Ram, Dog, Moon, Hare, Ox, Dragon, Monkey, Moon, Boar, Horse,Tiger, Snake, Bird, Dragon, Moon, Hare, Moon. the signs weaved and he shouted loudly and threw his hands into the air.* TOKITON!!! ETERNAL NIGHT NO JUTSU!!!! *the sky slowly turned darker hand darker the stars began to appear in the sky and the moon which normally hides in the light of day shines though prominently the village and the forest around the village beyond a certain point day and night change normally but the Crescent now exists in endless night. the people stare in awe the burst in to applause* *Goshen appears very very drained after this but remains standing Two members of the Crescent ANBU appear at his side to help him stand* This is my gift to the people of this village! may we all continue to enjoy this sustained peace.... *he smiled and waved as the ANBU helpe him back into his office and to his desk* wow... that was a lot more draining than i had expected... *With that he fell into a deep sleep he was gonna need to sleep this off he expended nearly all of his Chakra in one swift movement fortunately he recovers quickly*
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A New name for a new age.

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