Ninja Legend: A New Age

21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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 Saruka Keda (new) (finished)

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PostSubject: Saruka Keda (new) (finished)   Tue Oct 14, 2008 7:35 pm

Name: Saruka Keda
Nicknames: Ruka, Black Cat.

Village: Death
Rank: Kage

Age: 42
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 165 Lbs
Gender: Male

Clan: Keda

Family: Brother (Kokujo)

Personality:depressed at times, and when Saruka is depressed, he also gets angry very easily. most f the time though, Saruka is very cheerfull.

Elements: Water, Wind, Death
Specialties: Fuuinjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Zenjutsu



Name: Wind Cutter
Rank: B
Element: Wind
Description: This jutsu sends a slicing wave of wind anywhere he chooses.

Name: Wind Direction
Rank: C
Element: Wind
Descrpition: Saruka can manipulate the wind to send weapons anywhere he wishes.

Name: Wind Slicing Explosions
Rank: A
Element: Wind
Descrpition: Sends huge waves of wind where Saruka chooses, these waves explode on contact with anything, and send out slicing waves of wind.


Name: Water Dragon
Rank: A
Element: Water
Description: Sends a huge water dragon at the opponents, stronger if by large body of water. Saruka can make this jutsu explode.

Name: Water Coiling
Rank: B
Element: water
Description: A trapping Jutsu, This jutsu summons water from the air and that water coils around the foe, can also be used to crush them.

Name: Water Wall
Rank: C
Element: Water
Description: Creates a wall of water to defend against attacks.

Name: Ice Ripple
Rank: C
Element: Water
Description: Saruka prepares for any other Ice Jutsu He might use.

Name: Ice Spike
Rank: A
Element: Water
Description: Sends a spike of water up from under the opponent.

Name: Water Sensory
Rank: A
Element: Water
Description: Sends small, unnoticable waves through the ground and air, telling Saruka exactly where everthing Is. Saruka is always using this technique.


Name: Death Sensory
Rank: A
Element: Death
Description: This jutsu is impossible for Saruka to control, it is always being used. This jutsu will give Saruka a Flash of unbareable pain every time someone dies.

Name: Death Control
Rank: S
Element: Death
Description: Allows Saruka to control peoples life span, making it longer or shorter. This Jutsu takes up so much of Saruka's energy, he faints for a week. This jutsu cannot be blocked or Avoided.


Child ARC
At the age of three, Saruka's family was ordered to destroy Saruka when they figured out he had the families legenday kekai-genkai. But...The night they attacked him was horrible timing...a full moon, when the kekai-genkai is at it's strongest, and controls the hosts body. When the family attacked, they were all killed, except Saruka's parents, who managed to escape. The next day, Saruka realized what he had done and ran away from the sound village. In about a year, Saruka came in contact with a caravan of rouges, one who he became very close to. Saruka calls this man Uncle Tim, He's a round, well fed, alchoholic. about another year later, following the caravan, his Uncle Tim decided he would be safer in a village, although Saruka was already stronger than half of the caravan put together. So, the next time they passed a village, the village happily took him in, this village was the mist.

Acadamy Student ARC
As an Acadamy Student, Saruka was top of his class, along with two girls, named Jutsu, and Lex, and another boy named Jor. Saruka never got anything less than an A+ on anything. Unfortunately, he was always rejected by most of his fellow classman, eventually through sparing matches, he gained everyone respect slowly. From then on, he was widely accepted around the school as his friends, Lex, Jutsu, and Jor were. But this was close to the time they were going to become genin, so Saruka didn't get to enjoy it very long.

Genin ARC
As a Genin, Saruka's schedual was thrown completely off. He had gotten on the habit of training for 10 hours a day, usually more. But e couldn't do that anymore with all the missions they went on, so Saruka always finished the missions quickly so he could get training in. But this wasn't enough, because eventually, the Mizukage, who was his sensai, hearing from the jonin who he had gotten to take my team on missions, that he was doing amazingly, started to give His team more advanced missions. He was still able to handle this, but it threw off his schedual even more.

Chuunin ARC
As a Chuunin, Saruka was constantly on gaurd duty because he asked to be, but while he was on gaurd duty, he would train on the wall, making sure to keep an eye out for anything.Also, the Mizukage began to see much potential in him, and the reast of his friends, and began traiing all of them personally. During this time, Saruka mastered many water jutsu, and secretly learned wind jutsu on his own, because wind jutsu was forbidden in the mist.

Jonin ARC
As a Jonin, Saruka's schedual was thrown completely off gain by missions, this time, with missions lasting longer than a week. This was when Saruka decided to make his own village, he went to the Mizukage, and told him he would be leaving, and why. Saruka then packed his things, and left the Mist village, he had left a message with the Mizukage to give to his friends.

Kage ARC
Saruka eventually found a good spot inbetween the Leaf and Sand villages. It was an area near a lake, that, later Saruka found out was always covered in a mist that was almost so think you couldn't see through it. Saruka decided that this area reminded him of home, and that the mist would fend of enemies. Saruka used his kekai enkai to gather and cut the wood in the area and turn it into a village resembling the leaf, only about 1/2 the size. Saruka stayed their for a couple years, gathering passing rouges into his village, teaching them, and eventually, their kids. Then a few months later, he found out that his friends had created their own villages. He instantly dashed to where he had been nformed the villages stood. and found all of his friends, he was very happy from then on, and the development of his village went much smoother with a calmed mind.

RP sample: Saruka sprinted through the forest, glancing back to make sure noone was following him, he had found the Akatsuki camp, but they had spotted him. Luckily, he was far to fast for them to catch him now that he was going. And, there was no chance of them sensing him once he got away, because he was hiding his chakra. It would be impossible to sense him outside of a 100 yd area. he looked back and hesuddenly saw one of the akatsuki through some tree, he sighed, and stopped running. He then began making rapid handsigns, and whispered. "Water style, water Dragon Jutsu" Suddenly. a giant water dragon burst from alake a few meters away, and blasted the Akatsuki, and then exploded, hitting any other Akatsuki that might have been in the area. Saruka then sprinted away, the Akatsuki were faster than he had thought, this might be trouble. He increased his speed, and dissapeared from sight, then finally, when he was sure noone was anywhere within a week of travling close to him, he sat down and rested, staring up at the clouds.

*hands you 12 roses, 11 fake, 1 real* I'll stop loving you when all the roses die.

for me, the world consists of the people I love...If those people wern't here, It would be as if the world didn't exist...

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Saruka Keda (new) (finished)

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